O&M and Spare Parts Supply

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F.K. provides to its clients service packages of monitoring, maintenance and spare parts supply for generators. These services packages are also offered to clients whose generators were not purchased from F.K.. 

Our service packages are tailor-made to client's need and ensure efficient, most reliable operation of generators at all times. 

The service packages can include the following items:

  • Generators continuous monitoring throughout their entire operation period
  • Preventive maintenance in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Corrective maintenance in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Fast response to emergency service calls, including spare parts order and supply
  • A client service call center allowing F.K.'s technicians to respond to emergency service requests in real-time.
  • A state of the art computerized management and reporting system will provide our technicians full service and maintenance history of the clients' generators, thus reducing service response to a minimum
  • On-line report of inspections findings, scale and nature of the services provided, ensuring that accurate information is stored at F.K's database and provided to clients, all in order to provide our clients with a high-quality constantly improving services
  • Fuel supply for generators operation

F.K. also maintains an inventory of spare parts for required for ingoing maintenance of all generators provided by the company as well as spare parts for general maintenance of engines and control and synchronization panels. 

F.K.'s unmatched service packages offer its clients a perfect monitoring and maintenance solution for their generation.