Control and Monitoring Systems

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With over 20-year experience in delivering comprehensive temporary power solutions, F.K. provides its clients with state-of-the-art control and monitoring equipment. F.K.'s comprehensive power control technologies for range from basic switchboards all the way through to tailored power management systems.

When designing an emergency power solution, the complex activities and unique requirements of individual installations must be seriously considered. Furthermore, power plants and power generators typically have to be adjustable to varying loads and allow remote monitoring and control, while seamlessly operating in conjunction with local power authorities and interfacing with clients using different protocols.

With extensive and proven experience in providing power plants, F.K. has the expertise to deal with all utilities and protocols. Our SCADA-based control systems enable operators to monitor and control each generator and its specific engine parameters, such as oil pressure and water temperature, as well as monitoring auxiliaries such as fuel systems, main substation circuit breakers and energy output.