6.6MW UPS Systems Supply for the Hilton Abuja Hotel in Nigeria

Projects - Nigeria UPS - no.1






Hilton Abuja Hotel


2004 (2.5 months)

The Challenge

The Client suffered from low quality electricity, causing millions of US Dollars losses in the form of damages to air conditioning systems, lightning, televisions and above all, hote guest's aggravation.

Our Rapid, Cost-Effective Solution

UPS systems provide emergency near-instantaneous power when an input power source fails. F.K. designed both the UPS Systems and their hosting structure. Within only two months from on-site arrival the four 1650 kVA UPS systems, including medium voltage transformers and a control system, were installed and operated. F.K. used MTU engines for this project, which are adapted to decreased air pollution regulation.

According to the Hilton Abuja Hotel's calculation, the reliable UPS systems have returned their investment within 18 months from their operation. The client is now considering expanding the hotel, relying on the possible installation by F.K. of additional UPS systems.