Military and Homeland Security

Power Systems

The Military and Homeland Security industries are comprised of a diversity of players. Key players in these industries are, for example, national security forces (armies, military organizations), companies operating in the defense sector and telecommunication companies.

Having such a primary role in national defense and homeland security, the equipment developed for these industries must have mobility as well as continuous power supply. F.K.'s line of products provides a variety of tailor-made solutions, allowing uninterrupted and reliable power supply without limiting equipment's mobility or functionality.

F.K.'s services for the Military and Homeland Security industries may include: 

  • Uninterrupted power supply, including for remote locations
  • Emergency backup power
  • Fast Installation
  • Continuous service (operation and maintenance, spare parts supply)
  • Control & Monitoring Systems
  • Silent operation (low-noise generators)
  • Turnkey packages, including fuel management