Renewable Energy Systems – Solar and Wind

Solar Systems 1Solar Systems 2Solar Systems 3F.K. has extensive experience in the development and construction of renewable energy systems – solar and wind. 

F.K.'s renewable energy systems offer significant features and benefits, including:

  • Clean energy generation for a better, greener environment 
  • Utilization of available lands and rooftops 
  • Additional source of income for the business 
  • Improved branding as an environment-friendly business 

Solar and wind energy systems are suitbale for any commercial or institutional organization which would like to take an active part in the renewable energy revolution - businesses, plants, agricultural settlements, farm owners, government institutions, schools, hospitals, etc.

F.K. specializes in planning, supply and installation of photo-voltaic solar energy systems used to generate clean energy. A solar energy system is comprised of photo-voltaic solar panels, installed onto a fixed mounting structure and connected to the power grid through converters. PV solar systems generate clean energy during daylight hours. The clean energy is sold and transmitted into the power grid. The cost of investing in a solar energy system is usually returned within less than 8 years, and in some cases even in 5 years or less.

Wind energy systems utilize wind energy, converting it through a group of wind turbines into electricity, to be sold and injected in the power grid. The capacity of wind energy systems depends on the scale of wind energy in the area where such system is assembled and the number and capacity of wind turbines installed on site.

F.K.'s service package for PV solar systems and wind systems includes:

  • A Comprehensive engineering plan
  • Assistance in licensing and communication with government authorities 
  • Supply of equipment, including solar panels and voltage converters for solar PV systems and wind turbines for wind energy systems
  • Remote monitoring through an advanced monitoring and measuring system
  • Complete installation  
  • Maintenance and support