Power Systems

Power SystemPower SystemsF.K. Power Systems specializes in providing creative power supply and power back-up solutions. The company operates in accordance with ISO standard for design and development. F.K. Power Systems' activity is focused on the fields of Rotary UPS Systems and Military Power Systems as well as in other tailor-made power projects.

F.K. Power Systems provides services of design, development and production of both mobile and immobile power systems to the entire defense array of the State of Israel all in accordance with MIL-STD (military standards) and strict environmental standards. Power Systems provide the solution to a variety of AC and DC voltages. They can be transported by trucks and assembled at site within only a few minutes.

Power Systems are comprised of generators, rectifiers and distribution boards and are protected by RFI and EMI filters. The entire system is cooled by military air conditioners. The entire Power System, including supplementary systems, is constantly and fully monitored through an HMI system developed by F.K..

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