Generators and Power Solutions

Products - Overview - no. 1

Products - Overview - no. 2For over 20 years, F.K. has been providing reliable temporary power solutions, ranging from low capacity diesel and gas generators to base load megawatt temporary power plants for governments and utility companies. F.K. also provides rotary UPS systems for power backup, designs and manufactures generators control, monitoring and synchronization panels and develops, constructs and operates solar energy systems and tailor-made power systems. Our long experience and commitment to service ensure client satisfaction every time. 

F.K.'s technology offers significant features and benefits, including:

  • Assured reliability and robustness
  • User-friendly system control interface for high quality performance and quick response
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Highest International quality and safety standards
  • Cutting-edge monitoring and communications capabilities
  • Tailor-made power generation solutions

F.K.'s experienced team provides fast setup backed by technical expertise and professional support. With F.K., you are assured to be provided the power solution you need anytime, anywhere.