The F.K. Group History

About - History - No.1About - History - No.2The F.K. Group was founded in 1988 under private ownership and had focused on generators installation.  

As the years went by F.K.'s activity had expanded and the company accumulated significant knowledge, experience and expertise in the temporary power solutions area. In light of this success, F.K. made a strategic resolution to enter into the field of permanent power plants and therefore purchased Telemenia Ltd. in 2005. 

Leaning on its experience accumulated since the 1980s and its constantly-growing scope of activity, the F.K. Group realized that a separation between its local activity and its IPP (International Power Producer) activity was required. The F.K. Group then made an additional strategic resolution and established GenRent in 2001, an international provider of power stations, generators for rental and standalone substation solutions. The activity of GenRent had significantly expanded since its establishment and it now operates in 25 countries.

In 2008 the F.K. Group commenced its renewable energyactivity, which includes the development, construction and operation and maintains of solar and wind power plants.

Here are some additional milestones in the F.K. Group's Activity:

1995 » F.K. is certified to operate in accordance with ISO Standards

1996 » F.K. acquires Polish Horus-Energia. Today, the Group's CEE regional headquarter

1998 » F.K. establishes its African business and operations activity

2002 » F.K. establishes its West European business and operations activity

2009 » F.K. establishes GenRent do Brazil and commences operations in the Brazilian market

2009 » F.K. supplies the mobile army power system through its subsidiary, F.K. Power Systems

2011 » F.K. enters into African IPP market

2011 » F.K. establishes its South-East Asian business and operations activity

2012 » F.K. expands its activity into other Latin American markets