Environmental Responsibility


Download F.K.'s Environmental and Social Policy

The F.K. Environmental Responsibility Policy is constantly adjusted and developed to reflect the latest environmental practices and technologies.

Under the F.K. Environmental Responsibility Policy we promote environment-friendly fuels and equipment. In addition, F.K. is constantly pursuing power generation efficiency and makes all efforts in order to reduce air and land pollution as well as noise levels.

For each project, F.K. establishes a management system fitted to the nature and scope of such project and its environmental risks and impacts. Within the framework of such management system, F.K. prepares an environmental assessment, including examination of aspects of area influence during different stages of the project life cycle. In addition, F.K. prepares a management program and determines the manner of monitoring environmental issues and reporting. Where local communities may be affected by risks or adverse impacts of a project, the engagement process will include consultation with such local community.

Within the framework of the design, construction, operation and even decommissioning of power solutions F.K. applies pollution prevention and pollution reduction practices and promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. F.K. makes all efforts in order to minimize or avoid release of pollutants and generation of hazardous waste and hazardous materials.

F.K. also establishes measures to secure the health and safety of local community, including measures in order to prevent or minimize potential exposure to hazardous materials, diseases and natural hazards such as landslides or floods. We also take measures for biodiversity conversion and preservation of natural resources, where required.

In 2012, adopting the custom of many Brazilian companies, F.K. donated and sponsored the planting a 3000 trees forest on behalf of its clients and employees.