F.K. Generators and Equipment Ltd.

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F.K. Generators and Equipment Ltd. is a leading global provider of temporary power solutions including rental, sale, installation and operation and maintenance of diesel and gas generators and gas turbines, in a capacity ranging from 5kW to 3,500kW and of all equipment and ancillary devices required in connection thereto.

In addition, through its subsidiaries, F.K. handles the development, engineering, rental, installation, operation and maintenance of temporary power plants, based on diesel and gas gensets and containerized HFO, biogas systems, UPS systems and Gas Turbines, as well as development and installation of standalone substations.

F.K.'s advanced software management tools, global real-time performance monitoring abilities, together with high quality maintenance and its approach of support services assure F.K.'s clients a fast and seamless operation at all times. Due to F.K.'s high quality products and services, in 1995 it was certified by The Standards Institution of Israel to operate in accordance with ISO standards.

Your Partner - Globally and Locally

With more than 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive power solutions, 500 employees, a global fleet of 750MW and wide global and local presence, F.K. is your ideal partner for quick and effective implementation of temporary power solutions.

F.K. Generators & Equipment Ltd. is part of the F.K. Group, a world renowned provider of a wide range of power solutions, ranging from 250kW – to more than 500MW. The F.K. Group is a dominant player in developing and executing emerging markets power projects. Short or long term, renewable or conventional, the F.K. Group’s full suite of power solutions will perfectly meet all your power requirements.