• Generating a Clean Future
  • Assuring Uninterrupted Medical Care
  • Backing-Up the Banking Industry and Telecom Companies
  • Supporting Tourism Worldwide
  • Securing the Flow of Information to Israel

Generators and Power Solutions

Power Systems

F.K. Power Systems specializes in providing creative power supply and power back-up solutions. The company operates in accordance with ISO standard for design and development. F.K. Power Systems' activity is focused on the... read more

Services we deliver

With over 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive temporary power solutions, F.K. offers to its clients a wide variety of services, ranging from generators rental and sale to control and monitoring systems, installations and project management, continuous operation, maintenance and spare parts supply services to its clients, emergency power solutions and power stations rental. Our services allow our clients maximum flexibility and continuous power distribution, providing them stability and efficient conduct of business. F.K. is your partner for quick and economical temporary power solutions, tailored to meet all your needs.

Industries we serve

We provide reliable equipment together with experienced technical personnel specializing in planning and installation of power solutions customized to your request.